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RSPTI- R.S PolyTech India was established in the year 2009 in Bhiwani (Haryana), in northern part of India.
R.S Polytech India, is number one biggest manufacturer, supplier and exporter of master batches which are been used for non-woven fabric Industries. When it comes to appearance, dispersion and strength, our products possesses all features a masterbatch is expected to have. Their usage is highly appreciated in industries which production skills are best known for making fiber and plastics. They are widely used for lubrication, flame retardant, extrusion, sheets, molding injection, and also film etc.

Green Masterbatch Range :

Product Name Product Code Application
RS MEHNDI GREEN100324Non Woven Fabric & PP M/YARN
RS NAVY GREEN100266Non Woven Fabric & PP M/YARN
RS PARROT GREEN100373Non Woven Fabric & PP M/YARN
RS PARROT GREEN 6299/PPL100368Non Woven Fabric & PP M/YARN
RS RELIANCE GREEN100326Non Woven Fabric & PP M/YARN

Colour Masterbatch Range