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More than Grains..

We RSPTI, supply and toll manufacturing Super White F (PP) MasterBatches at your domain. RSPTI is established for manufacturing, supplying quality products. The quality products which are been used in markets, medical clinics, industries are masterbatches of various styles. These products have special purposes based on their quality and features. Master batches supplied by RSPTI is highly useful when it comes to their dispersing medium when been mixed with other additives with polymer being their carrier. RSPTI manufactures mild variants of master batches from pure colour master batches to master batches for various applications. The colour master batches which we manufacture are black, additive, filler and white. With each of them having polymer embodied in them.

White Masterbatch

Being the best manufacturer of masterbatches in the country, we deal with various type of masterbatches. A particular variant of master batch which we manufacture is white master batch. Our white master batch is composed of mild selection of custom made and innovative whites along with the standard whites. White masterbatches is one of the largest selling color which demands are unlimited in the market.

Black Masterbatch

Black concentrates are used not only for beautification of plastics, but also to provide distinguished features such as conductivity and light stability. Black is the second most demanding color in market with unlimited potentials ascribed to it. RSPTI manufacture vast quantity of black masterbatches which are used in Non Woven Fabric and Multi Filament Yarn.

Filler Masterbatch

RSPTI filler masterbatches are best suited for PP non woven Fabric/HDPE Raffia/LDPE Carry/Shopping Bags and Molding. Our filler master batch is composed of Calcium Carbonate, with Polypropylene PP being the carrier and other additives providing us with natural whiteness and superb dispersion which makes it more compatible for use.

Colour Masterbatch

Colour masterbatches are produced by dispersing pigments using the appropriate carrier. These Master batch can be used as key additive in various types of plastic resins. They possess multiple desirable features, starting from colour, protection from UV radiation. Our experience in supplying of Colour masterbatches has reflected in an outstanding way based on our library of colour and polymer combinations.

Additive Masterbatch

Additive master batches manufactured by RSPTI provides great opportunities to increase the efficiency of plastic products. Additive masterbatches prevent degradation due to heat and shear during processing as well as UV light and oxidation in the end-use environment. They have the ability to limit flammability to relate with core regulations in reducing product weight and resin consumption.