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It all began in 2009, we, RSPTI- R.S. PolyTech India are best known as leading premium toll manufacturer, suppliers of quality and effective products. Products such as White Masterbatches, Black Masterbatches, Color Masterbatches, Additive Masterbatches & Filler Masterbatches of various styles are all in stock in order to beautify that masterpiece of yours. Each and every one of the product are been produced based on detailed requirement given by our clients. Most market traders are always demanding for products from us based on how effective and awesome our products are. Our top grade masterbatches & fillers happens to be one of those products our clients keep demanding for, Top notch range of premium masterbatches at RSPTI is composed of premixed granules of the host polymer which features are quite appealing in Non Woven Fabrics, BOPP, CPP, Blown Films, Injection Moulding Extrusion Pipe, Rotomoulding, Blow Moulding, Raffia etc. With this awesome product of ours, all we crave for is making our clients comfortable with all services rendered by us. We accommodate our clients by producing products whose requirements are best known for high standards and quality. Strengthening our horizon with our ISO 9001:2015 certification, with great intensity in our dedication towards serving our clients better is something we admire a lot by acquiring appropriate resources in delivering optimum service.


Our core mission is nothing else other than manufacturing products with great value that obliges to our client’s taste.. With this ambition of ours, we provide them with astonishing and excellent products packaged with instantaneous service that goes beyond company to customer relationship. Apparently, our resources are thoroughly channeled to uphold our responsibilities with the aim of delivering professional duties with utmost perfection. We don’t toil with this mission because it’s always keeps us abreast of other companies during trivial competitive moments. We set to disseminate our core values by keeping in touch with our clients after any successful business transaction with us.


To become the biggest manufacturer, exporter, supplier throughout the entire 7 continents in the world via exclusive targets based on Sincerity, Integrity, Innovation and high proficient service, Competence at all check points. We believe we definitely getting there, we continue striving until our aims and goals are achieved.


RSPTI  is Bhiwani (India) based firm, whose major role is known for manufacturing mild range of quality products. Prior to our core values, we manufacture, supply to every markets, online store, industries in the country. With compelling and attractive features ascribed to our product such as bright appearance, compatibility has made us top notch in the business. The products we manufacture are based on the following features;

  • Customer Support Team: Our customer support team comprises of trained personnel whose relationship with customers are beyond imagination. Our team is embodied with skilled and experienced individuals who are always happy to provide qualitative services at any time.
  • Quality Material: The products we manufacture possess features such as good mode of dispersion, strong tension and protectors of our environment. We stand out among other products based on materials been used in producing them