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Being the best manufacturer of masterbatches in the country, we deal with various type of masterbatches. A particular variant of master batch which we manufacture is white master batch. Our white master batch is composed of mild selection of custom made and innovative whites along with the standard whites. White masterbatches is one of the largest selling color which demands are unlimited in the market. White Masterbatches retain its quality when being produced with highly loaded titanium dioxide in order to give it maximum capacity. Titanium dioxide provides gives white master batch its sparkling white quality during refraction and diffraction of light on it. Appropriate FDA requirements, opacity, and dispersion helps in determining proper white master batch solutions. Our white masterbatches meets international food contact, toy, and waste packaging regulations. White color master batch supplied by RSPTI are very stable, good mode of dispersion with the best quality assurance equipment to checkmate its quality. It makes perfect sense when mixed with resin, with the container not being affected and ensuring changes in color. Lot of white master batch manufactured by us can be associated evenly with resin when appropriate quantity is given unto it without no modifier.

White master batch are made from both organic and inorganic pigment. It provides good filtration performance, very resistant to weather, and doesn’t turn yellow easily. For customized applications when clients require a specific shade of white master batch, we provide a raving white master batch in order to meet our customers’ needs. It is widely applicable to film such as casting film, blown film, bottle blowing, blow moulding, plastic injection and other products. The can be used as mould release, antibacterial etc.
RSPTI white master batch are applicable in the following fields;

  • Packaging Sector
  • Cosmetics
  • Agriculture
  • Silage

White Masterbatches

RS BLEACH WHITE10178NON Woven Fabric
RS JPD WHITE100298NON Woven Fabric
RS AMCO WHITE1152/ NWFNON Woven Fabric