Masterbatch Applications

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Products value are highly appreciated when they play vital role in helping human carry out their daily activities. Most industries make good use of this products in delivering optimum service to their clients. RSPTI products have various applications where they fit in.

Master batches are widely used in plastic industries, color and additive variant of master batches are used in adding colors to plastics with it recommending liquid or solid materials to the plastic manufacturing industries. In Plastic manufacturing industries lubrication characteristics, anti-slip features are improved through additive master batch. Enhancing anti-microbial features of plastics are also improved by master batches. Plastics strength and texture are also improved by means of an additive master batch.

Advantage of Using RSPTI Filler Masterbatch
  • Get optimized flow property.
  • Perfect dispersion within the polymer matrix
  • Achieve highest laud-ability upto 50%
  • Low dust formation
  • Social grades for specialized applications
  • Most cost effective
  • Large application base

Non woven fabrics are applied in the following sectors

  • Health sector: Non woven fabrics are used in making surgical gowns, isolation gowns, surgical scrub suits and caps worn by medical practitioner’s in hospitals.
  • Construction: They are used in making roofing sheets, and also used during drainage.
    Industrial sector: They are widely used in the industrial sector in the production of air conditioning, satellite dishes and cable insulation.